Mobile Application & Responsive UI Development

Demand for mobile web applications:

With a significant increase in the number of mobile internet users, there is a huge rise in the demand for the development of mobile web applications, especially for the business organization websites. There is also a need for designing these applications for the handsets which run on different operating system platforms like Rim, IOS and android etc.

VRNDA’S Mobile Application Development:

We specialize in the development of mobile applications for all the different platforms stated above. Our mobile application development process not only covers the design and development part, but also the intuitive front-end and extendable back-end categories.

We provide the following services as a part of mobile development
  • Design and Development of native mobile applications
  • Test Automation
  • User experience design, evaluation, and support.

The Native Mobile Apps design and development deals with the designing of applications for smart phones that should be programmed with different languages for different operating system platforms.

Test Automation is the process where the developed mobile applications will be tested with software and the estimated and observed outputs are compared. If there’s any deviation from the estimated output, the application will be repaired and modified.

We deal with not only just developing the mobile applications, but we also take care of user experience design, evaluation and support. We make sure that the designed application works in such a way that it satisfies the average user.

VRNDA’S Responsive UI Development

Enhance the speed, appearance and functioning of your website and make it compatible with every kind of screen resolution through our Responsive User Interface Service. We specialize in designing your website that will attract all Mobile, Tab and PC users.

Our Specialization Platforms:
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3 & Media queries
  • Javascript
  • Modernizr & graceful degradation
  • Twitter Bootstrap framework
  • HTML 5 Boilerplate
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Sencha Ext JS & Sencha Touch