Quality Assurance

Assuring Just The Quality Your Business Needs!

VRNDA provides you the assurance that will act as a fuel to boost up the running of your business organization. Our Quality Assurance service basically deals with the software testing and verification, whether it is meeting your required business objectives and also if there are any errors that are creating problems to the running of the business. We also test the efficiency of the programs on which your business is being run and will come up with innovative suggestions to enhance the quality.

Vrnda’s Wide Array Of Quality Assurance Services:

VRNDA offers a comprehensive suite of software quality assurance services spanning consulting, enterprise services, Non functionality testing and functionality testing. We flexibly map our service delivery to your evolving needs. Our Professional quality team delivers just the services you need from any point.

The Expertise Factor:

Expertise on both the business and technical sides of quality assurance has enabled us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We use an established testing methodology and employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and real competitive advantage.

Our Services in Quality Assurance Include:
  • Automation testing which deals with the testing of the quality of the software with different software and comparing the results. The expected output and the actual output are compared and the analysis is made on the quality of the tested software based on the deviation observed.
  • Test Scenario and Test Case Development which deals with the software testing after designing a set of parameter values and a scenario involving those values.
  • Test Execution is the running of the software test on a computer either manually or by an automated process using some supported tools.
  • Technical Quality Assurance is the process through which the working and efficiency of a particular software is assessed
Our Quality Assurance Attributes:
  • Assessment by team with expertise and experience.
  • Customizable and Transparent Quality process that helps mitigating the risk associated to design, development and deployment of IT solutions.
  • Experience in both Traditional and Agile development environments.
  • Capability in selecting the right approaches, tools and techniques to optimize the effort, quality.